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Florian Ludwig
Schwäbisch Gmünd

  • Design Student 2015

    Florian Ludwig - Pixel Worker And Detail Lover

    I’m an interaction designer working with pixels and code. With a human centered design approach in mind, I like developing pixel perfect user interface designs, that are more than just good looking. As every product should guarantee an unique experience, I especially focus on micro interactions during the designing and prototyping process.

  • Money

    Money - Finance Management Made Easy

    Money helps you to document your finance simple, fast and clearly. Money consists of a mobil application for documenting your cash transactions and a desktop application for a detailed financial statement.

  • Spheo

    Spheo - An Interactive Health Monitoring System

    Spheo is a future project and concept, integrated in smart homes for the year 2020. Spheo is designed to help people get a better consciousness of their current health state and prevent impairment to health.

  • Drips 2014

    Drips - Your Subtle Companion

    Drips is a mobile application specifically tailored to the needs of diabetes sick people. The application allows you to document your disease simple and intuitive, to analyze the course of disease and recognize progress fast.

  • SWARM 2014

    SWARM - A Leap Motion Project

    Swarm is an motion controlled mini-game based on the tracking device Leap Motion. The project was created within two weeks as part of a workshop by Prof. Franklin Hernandez-Castro.

  • Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Personal Discovery - An Interactive Experience

    This interactive exhibit displays the history of the German city Schwäbisch Gmünd. The system offers the possibility to create one's own personalized tour and visit several spots locally with an interactive information guide.

  • Client Websites since 2013

    Personal Projects for several clients

    Since my self-employment in 2013 I have worked on several projects mostly in collaboration with AKSIS Werbeagentur. My role in these projects are creating screendesigns and developing frontend and backend solutions for clients.